The Genesis Centauri Dive wrist mount computer is fully capable of all your diving needs. Whether you are scuba diving, free diving or nitrox trained, the Bühlmann ZH-L-16C algorithm will help guide you to manage all of your diving needs. Every setting is available to customize, in order to have this dive computer work the best for you. Plus, it is stylish enough to wear every day. Available in English, Chinese and Spanish.



  • Lightweight Wrist-Mount Dive Computer
  • Daily time piece capabilities
  • Easy to use menus
  • Bühlmann ZH-L-16C Algorithm



  • Diver Log
  • Smart Phone Wireless Sync
  • Long battery life
  • Audible Alarm
  • Vibration Alarm
  • Hibernation Mode
  • Temperature 


The long awaited Dive Story App is now available for both iOS and Android mobile devices to download, record and manage all your Centauri Wrist Dive Computer diving adventures.

Dive Story App functions:

  • Download and record your dive logs on iOS and Android mobile devices.
    Dive Story is not available for laptop or desktop computers.
  • Change Centauri dive computer settings.
  • Upgrade Centauri dive computer firmware.

Firmware updates are also applied to your Centauri with the New App.

Download for iOS

Download for Android


MSRP: $380.00 USD*

*Available for purchase from your Authorized Genesis Dealer



"The watch-size Centauri’s screen is just 1.1 inches in diameter, but easy to read thanks to its segmented, clearly marked display and glowing illumination, which stays on during a dive and has five power levels. Test divers rated it very good for readability at depth and on the surface (although bright sun did tend to wash it out). Testers also liked the menu navigation, which identifies the function at play and shows its current setting. That helps even a new diver keep track of where they are in the menus, which are long but logically organized. Part of the reason for the long menus is the Centauri offers a fair amount of adjustment, including a choice of standard six-field dive display or a simplified three-field view. The attention-getting vibration function works nicely with the computer’s crystal-clear deco and safety-stop displays, which have a prominent timer and “CLEAR” alert when completed. “Excellent safety stop,” noted one tester, and others agreed, giving it the top score in the test. Capable and easy to use, attractively priced and selected among the favorites of test divers, the Centauri is our Best Buy." - ScubaLab 2020


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